Hi, Dear clever students, I hope your well ,we are going to talk about wonderful ideas in our amazing book , which contains 67 brilliant episode , let's have a look ,world issues , the law , migration , recycling resources , how can we reduce pollution , new crimes , why do people leave their home countries , talking about important events in your life , recycling in Syria , color idioms , waste and recycling , producing a set of recommendations , natural world , the earth at risk , a world of plants , under threat , the spread of the oldest climate , describing photographs , a whole planet under glass , things that grew , our visit to Apamea , the sand gazelle , organization of small , healthy life , urban and rural life , new ways and old , a magazine article , the end of village life , an email giving recommendations , self-taught access , record breakers , future projects , Geniuses , Triumph in the tour de France , making different choices, a response to an advert , a report on technological changes , so talented so young , the origin and development literature , early literature , the battle of Caen and how the English men took the town , satire , The Rape of the Lock , Waiting for Godot, The critics of Shakespeare , the adventure of Tom Sawyer, Dubliners-Clay . The Old Man and the Sea, the Prophet, the lighthouse, Song and A Song, focus of literary forms, Early Journalists, the Bigger picture, animal farm story preview, The Diamond as big as the Ritz, Arms and the Man, in these ideas we got the end of our motivating course, have a good day, Good luck dear students.