Hi, Dear brilliant students, how is your day, I hope you are ok , we are going to explain some interesting ideas in our amazing book, that contains 34 episodes let's get started, , culture building for future , we are what we eat , breakfast around the world , eating in Syria style and society , planes to eat , the arts , what is an oud , a Syrian oud player, Ibn Battuta , Ibn Khaldoun , discussing plans for a new airport , five days in Aleppo, free time , computer games , fast forward to the future games ,a special zoo, Al Talila , a formal letter , it is competition time , power , the alternative , money , strong and heavy , do you really have to drive , future shock , smart clothes , fact and fiction , messages , A flying stories a woman of distinctions , Build pilot will fly round Britain literature I hope to get helpful information, I hope you get brilliant future