Hi, Dear clever students, I hope your well ,we are going to talk about wonderful ideas in our amazing book , which contains 67 brilliant episode , let's have a look ,world issues , the law , migration , recycling resources , how can we reduce pollution , new crimes , why do people leave their home countries , talking about important events in your life , recycling in Syria , color idioms , waste and recycling , producing a set of recommendations , natural world , the earth at risk , a world of plants , under threat , the spread of the oldest climate , describing photographs , a whole planet under glass , things that grew , our visit to Apamea , the sand gazelle , organization of small , healthy life , urban and rural life , new ways and old , a magazine article , the end of village life , an email giving recommendations , self-taught access , record breakers , future projects , Geniuses , Triumph in the tour de France , making different choices, a response to an advert , a report on technological changes , so talented so young , achievements , a balloon debate ,landfill, incineration , sanitary , waste disposal and recycling , daily life in space , the IT age , Alfred Nobel ,The Nobel Prize and Naguib Mahfouz , A sound in the air , what is caffeine , modern medicine , stars in his eyes , life that kills , the hidden power , The wizard of Menlo park , in these ideas we got the end of our motivating course , have a good day , Good luck dear students. -Questions that enable you fixing what you’ve learned throughout the episodes, they also measure and evaluate your memorization by determining the percentage of your correct answers


-E-book: offers several advantages for student, such as: providing the revised curriculum, interesting use and easy browsing and dealing.